Hello! I am the happy owner of Bramble Glen. I love nature, art, road trips, and playing outdoors with kids. I have a degree in Geography and work as a professional photographer and outdoor educator. I also love to write - both fiction and nonfiction for children.


When my children were young, I became interested in childhood development and early education. I had a deep desire to get them exploring the natural world.  In 2012, I started a nature-based preschool program, which has expanded into an after-school program. I created Nature Discovery classes because I wanted to spark natural learning by promoting exploration, discovery, and creativity. I have fond childhood memories of walking across logs, climbing trees, digging, and building with sticks. I am thrilled that current research shows that exploring nature helps promote independent thinking, imagination, confidence, physical balance, and creative problem-solving.


When I am not leading outdoor activities for kids, you can find me writing stories, hiking, and capturing nature with my camera. I also enjoy capturing portraits of people who are my other favorite subject. If you are interested, you can see my photography work by clicking the camera icon. Thanks for visiting!

Brandy Stone

Brandy Stone Photographic Art
Beverly Pogue, Brandy Stone