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Berry Ink & Paint

Skills: Small motor skills. Measuring and stirring. Doing an experiment.

Use of a feather as a pen. Use of small brushes.

Letters/Sounds: B (berries, brush), C (crush), E (experiment), P (pulp),

S (salt, strainer, sugar), V (vinegar)


1/2 cup berries

1/2 tsp. salt

1/2 tsp. vinegar

White granulated sugar (optional for an additional activity)


Medium-size bowl

Wire mesh strainer

Aluminum foil


Small jar with tight-fitting lid

Small funnel, if needed

Feathers long enough to be used as pens

Small paint brushes


Step 1)

Put the wire mesh strainer over the bowl.

Step 2)

Pour the berries into the strainer.

Step 3)

Crumple some aluminum foil into about a 3- or 4-inch ball.

Step 4)

Use the foil ball (or the back of the spoon) to crush the berries down into and against the mesh of the strainer.

Step 5)

Once you have as much juice as you want in the bowl, set the pulp aside for another experiment later.

Step 6)

Carefully pour the salt and vinegar into the bowl with the juice. Stir with a spoon until the salt has dissolved.

Step 7)

Dip the pointed end of a feather into the ink and use it to write a note or letter to someone. OR use the berry ink as paint to make your own pictures.

(If the juice is too thick for writing or painting, then you can add a little bit of water to it.)

Click on the picture below to print out a berry bookmark

that can be colored with the berry ink.

Step 8)

Pour the “ink” into a small jar or airtight container, and be sure to put the lid on tight. Keep it in the refrigerator when not using.

TO CREATE OTHER COLORS: Strawberry juice and the juice of other light-colored berries is the perfect base for creating other colors not found in berries. Try adding spinach juice to make green, beet juice for an added "pop" of color or even carrot juice for orange!

Let’s Think About It/ Talk About It

  • What did you like best about making Berry Ink?

  • Were you able “think like a scientist?” Do you like doing experiments?

  • What color ink did your berries make? Would a different kind of berry make a different color ink? What do you think?

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