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Rice Glue

Paper-Blossom Cherry Trees


  • 1 Small tree-shaped branch (about 12 to 18 inches tall, depending on the size of your container)

  • 1 small bucket, tin can or flower pot.

  • 1 Floral foam ball, cut in half and trimmed to fit the bottom of your container.

  • Crumpled scratch paper or you can fill the container with pebbles, if desired.

  • Moss from the craft store.

  • White or pink tissue paper—a few sheets—cut into 2- inch squares.

  • 1 pencil (with new, unused eraser on the end).

  • White, school glue or Rice Glue GET THE RECIPE HERE

  • 1 Small paper plate.

Step 1)

Put one of the floral foam ball halves in the bottom of your bucket or flower pot.

Step 2)

Shove the thick end of your branch right down into the middle of the foam ball, so it stands up like a tree. Fill in around the base of the branch with tissue paper.

Step 3)

Cover the tissue paper with some of the moss. OR, if you don’t have moss, fill the bucket the rest of the way up with some nice-looking pebbles.

Step 4)

Squeeze or pour some glue out onto a paper plate. Use a small paint brush to dab the glue on your “tree” where you want to put a tissue-paper “blossom”.

Step 5)

Put the pencil (eraser-side down) in the middle of a square of tissue paper and wrap the tissue paper up and around the pencil a little bit.

Step 6)

Use the pencil to push the tissue paper onto the dot of glue you put on your branch. Hold the tissue paper “blossom” in place while you pull the pencil out of the middle of the blossom.

Step 7)

Repeat Steps 4 - 6 until you have as many blossoms on your little “tree”

as you want. Let it dry overnight.

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