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Rice Glue

Popcorn-Blossom Trees

Skills: Use of brushes and glue. Use of markers. Fine-motor skills.

Letters/Sounds: B (blossom, brush), “Ch” (cherry), G (glue), P (paper, popcorn)


  • Sturdy construction paper in your choice of colors

  • Small paint brushes (similar in size to those found in children’s water color kits)

  • Brown or black non-toxic markers

  • Glue (such as Elmer’s) or Homemade Rice Glue - GET THE RECIPE HERE

  • Plain popcorn, popped

  • Small paper plates or bowls (one for each child)


Step 1)

Get a piece of construction paper and a big brown or black marker. Draw a tree with branches on your paper.

Step 2)

Put some glue on a small paper plate or in a small paper bowl. Use a small paint brush to put some nice blobs of glue here and there on your tree’s branches where you want the blossoms to be.

[Note to the adults: The blobs of glue should be big enough to hold a piece of chunky popcorn onto the paper.]

Step 3)

Set a piece of popcorn on top of each blob of glue. Keep putting on blobs of glue and popcorn until your tree has as many popcorn blossoms on it as you want.

Step 4)

Put your paper in a safe place and let it dry overnight.


  •  Does your tree have a lot or a little bit of blossoms on it?

  •  Did you have fun putting blobs of glue on the paper with a paint brush?

  •  What did you like best about this project?

  •  While you were doing it, did your brain think of some new ideas you could do?

  •  What would you do differently next time?

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