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Rice Glue

Be a Bee

Skills: Small motor skills. Cutting. Mixing. Coloring.

Letters/Sounds: B (bee, blossom), F (flower), N (nectar), Y (yellow)


  • 2 pieces of paper for printing the coloring pages

  • Printed coloring pages (CLICK ON THE IMAGES BELOW TO PRINT)

  • 1 straw

  • tape

  • stapler

  • pencil

  • scissors

  • cup

  • crayons

  • Juice or sugar and yellow food coloring for making nectar drink



Step 1)

Print out the coloring pages above and cut the bee page in half along the dotted line in the middle of the page. Use a bright yellow crayon or marker to color the bee.

Step 2)

Cut out the bee shape.

Step 3)

Cut along the dotted line on the remaining half of the coloring page. This will become your head band.

Step 4)

Staple the two pieces of paper together.

Step 5)

Wrap the paper around your forehead to get the correct fit for the headband. Place your finger or mark with a pencil where you will staple the headband together.

Step 6)

Staple the ends of your headband together in the place you measured to while wrapping it around your forehead.

Step 7)

Tape or staple your bee shape to the front of the headband.

Step 8)

Print out the flower coloring page from this activity. Color your flower with a bright crayon or marker.

Step 9)

Cut around the petals of the flower.

Step 10)

Use a sharp pencil to poke a hole through the middle of the flower shape, where the black dot is located.

Step 11)

Insert a straw through the hole in middle of the flower.

Step 12)

Your flower is ready for a cup full of juice, mixed lemonade or your own sugar-water nectar drink (add 2 tablespoons of sugar to a cup of water, and a drop of yellow food coloring if desired, stir until dissolved).

Step 13)

Sip your "nectar" drink like a bee!

Let’s Think About It/ Talk About It:

  • Was it fun to pretend to be a bee? Did you like sucking up the “nectar” through the straw?

  • When you made your headband, did your hands like the coloring or the cutting part the best? Why?

  • If you were a real bee, what flowers would you like to fly to for nectar?

  • Would you fly a long way away or stay close to home?

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