Keeping it Clean and Safe in the Kitchen

Skills:  How to get youself ready for working with food.  Use of imagination to understand cause & effect relationships. Keeping food clean when working in the kitchen. Use of imagination to identify solutions.  Figuring out good “standard operating procedures.” 



Let's Think About It/ Talk About It: 


STEP 1)  WASHING HANDS                                                                                       

  • Q: What would happen to the food if we touched it with dirty hands?                  A: Answers could include: Germs or actual dirt could get in the food, and no        one wants to eat germy or dirty food. 


  • Q: If we don’t want to get dirt or germs in the food, then what should we do?     A: Wash hands with soap and water and dry them on a clean towel. Wash         hands often while working with the food.  



STEP 2)   TYING LONG HAIR BACK                                                     

  • Q: What could happen to the food if those of us with long hair didn’t keep it pulled back when cooking?                                                                                              A: Answers could include:  Loose hair might fall in the food, our hair might         get in our face and make it hard to see while in the middle of cooking,             and/or we could get food stuck in our hair.


  • Q: If we don’t want our hair to fall in the food or get in our face, or to have food stuck in our hair, then what should we do?                                           A: People with long hair can tie it back into a ponytail to keep it out of the       way and out of the food. 




  • Q: What might happen to our clothes if we didn’t wear an apron when working in the kitchen?                                                                                  A: Answers could include: Food might splatter or spill on our clothes and            make a stain that would be hard to wash out.  If we can’t get stains out of        our clothes, then our clothes wouldn’t be nice anymore.


  • Q: If we don’t want food to stain our clothes, then what should we do?              A: Wear an apron to protect clothes from accidental splatters.





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