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Finger Paint Hearts

Skills: Small motor skills. Painting.

Letters/Sounds: H (heart). R (red), P (pink)


  • Black card stock or construction paper, cut to 10"x6".

  • Red and pink finger paint or other wahable paint.

  • 3 sticky notes.

  • Scissors.

Step 1)

Fold the 3 sticky notes in half so that the sticky part is at the top and turned to the inside.

Step 2)

Draw 1/2 a heart onto the sticky notes so that the top curved part of the heart is at the top where the sticky side of the paper is.

Step 3)

Cut along the pencil marks.

Step 4)

Place the three hearts onto the black paper so that there is enough space around the hearts to paint with your finger tips.

Step 5)

Use your fingertips to "dot" paint around the heart shapes. Make sure to get the paint on the edge of the sticky notes, so that the heart shape is noticable. You can tell kids that it is okay to get paint on the heart shapes, so that they don't avoid the hearts.

Step 6)

Let your painting dry for 2 hours. Once the paint is dry, remove the heart shaped sticky notes. Your finger painting heart art is ready to enjoy or to give as a gift!

Let’s Think About It/Talk About It

  • What did it feel like to paint with your fingers? Was the paint cold or warm? Was it smooth or a little bit rough?

  • Would you like to do more finger-painting some other time? What kind of a picture do you think you’d like to do? What colors would you like to use?

  • Sometimes we use a heart shape to show we care about someone. Can you name some people you care about?

  • Do you know someone you would like to share your finger paint hearts with?

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