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Nature Discovery Boxes

 Nature-based STEAM activities - locally inspired, seasonally themed.


What is a Nature Discovery Box?

Nature Discovery boxes have unique, locally-themed, STEAM-based activities for kids - you might get a box with a frost experiment during a cold fall week, a box with a natural dye making kit during spring when plants are growing strong, or an art project that uses the power of rain to make patterns during a rainy week.  The activities are designed to get kids experimenting, exploring, and excited about a topic.  For students, parents, or teachers who might want to dive deeper into the themes, additional resources and links are put into a blog post covering the activity.  

What is STEAM?  

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.  It is an integrated teaching approach that promotes learning by combining more than one of these subjects into a single learning experience.  An ideal STEAM project might have kids asking questions about a new topic, seeking an answer by experimenting, using a little math, and thinking artistically.           

How are these boxes different than other subscription box kits for kids?

Every month, we observe what is happening locally around Puget Sound, WA.  We then craft a project that inspires kids to either get outside to collect natural elements or do a seasonally themed experiment.  The projects connect kids to the local environment and community.


How often will we receive boxes?

We create boxes for your kids twice a month.  This means your kids will receive a box every other week, on Wednesdays. This is more often than most subscription services that provide boxes once-a-month. In the future, we hope to offer once-a-week boxes.     

What age range are the boxes designed for?

The projects are for kids in grades k-5.  However, you can scale the projects up or down by offering younger kids more assistance or encouraging older kids to dive deeper into the subject.  We like these projects too, and we are WAY OLDER than the recommended age range!  

Do you ship Nature Discovery Boxes?

We deliver directly to front doorsteps in Issaquah City limits or offer a pick-up location at a neighborhood little-free-library location.  We do not currently ship our boxes, however, we may offer this option in the future.  If you would like to get updates on our offerings, please subscribe to our email list, or follow us on social media!  We don't bombard you with notifications and emails, but we do announce new services and classes that we start.  

Porch Box

Delivered to your home, every other week. 


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Library Box

Pick-up at Mrs. Kitty's Little Free Library,

every other Wednesday in Issaquah, WA. 


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