COVID-19 Teddy Bear Hunt

Photo Challenge 

We are joining the worldwide teddy bear hunt the started in March 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic by creating an online public Facebook page where we can all share images of teddy bears.  


We will post weekly videos with photography tips and challenges for kids.  We will also hold Zoom meetings weekly to connect kids and learn about photography together. We want to see your bear images!  If you'd like to receive email reminders about upcoming meetings and videos for kids, subscribe below.














Let's create an online Teddy Bear Hunt!  

Join the Facebook group or Instagram Account.

Share images of your teddy bears.


Photo Challenge Ideas 

WHEN YOU POST AN IMAGE OF YOUR TEDDY BEAR, share something about it:

  • How long have you owned your bear?

  • What is its name?

  • Where do you live?

  • What do you love most about your bear?



  • Write a caption for your image (What is your bear thinking?)

  • Create a scene with your teddy bear (sleeping, playing, reading, working, practicing a get the idea!)

  • Hide your teddy bear in a scene, but leave part of its face showing.  Take a picture and use the hashtag #findthehiddenbear, #findmyteddybear, #hiddenbear or #findmystuffie.

  • Create a story for your bear, take photos to show your story, then post them all together. 

  • Or, come up with your own creative idea!

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teddy bear in hammock

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